Precision Measuring Laboratory

In the precision measuring laboratory the following equipment and technology is available:

The measuring laboratory corresponds in severed areas of measuring room class 1 according to VDI / VDE 2627: 2015 (also according to old standard VDI / VDE 2627: 1998). The floor plate of the laboratory is vibration-decoupled against the rest of the building.

The temperature monitoring system TEMPAR from the company Zeiss is used for a permanent temperature monitoring system which is independent of the air conditioning system. It makes it possible at any time to make a statement about the temperature distribution in the monitored areas as well as the current measuring room class. TEMPAR is available to the IFF as a stationary variant as well as a mobile variant. The mobile unit can also be used to monitor and classify a defined volume of space outside the measuring room or at the customer's premises.

Two 3D multisensor coordinate measuring systems (KMS) from Werth are available to the IFF. In addition to research assignments, they also carry out student studies and commissioned surveys on request. The smaller KMS is to be examined temporarily outside the measuring room to determine the influence of a non-controlled environment on the measuring result

Werth VideoCheck HA

Granitbasis mit feststehendem Portal; luftgelagerte Achsen; Zerodur-Maßstäbe
Messvolumen 730 x 650 x 400
MPEE = 1,5 * L / 500 µm [L in mm]  (in 1D und 2D MPE besser)
Sensoren:       10-fach Zoomoptik (0,6-10x) mit variablen Fokus (Arbeitsabstand)
                        Festoptik (10x)
                        schaltender Taster Renishaw TP200
                        messender Taster Renishaw SP25

Werth ScopeCheck

Granitbasis auf Gestell; Ständerbauweise; mechanische Achs-Lagerung
Messvolumen 400 x 200 x 200
MPEE = 2,9 * L / 100 µm   [L in mm]
Sensors:         10-fach Zoomoptik (0,6-10x) mit variablen Fokus (Arbeitsabstand)
                          messender Taster Renishaw SP25


Two atomic force microscopes (AFM) from Bruker (formerly Veeco) are available at the IFF.
On both devices, the usual AFM measurement methods as well as the scanning tunnel microscopy are available.

Bruker Dimension 3100
measuring surface ca. 100 x 100 [mm]

Bruker Multimode V
measuring surface ca. Ø 15 [mm]

With the confocal measuring device, surfaces can be optically detected and characterized three-dimensionally.

Sensofar PLµ 2300
Objektive 10x bis 50x

Perthen Perthometer S8P
Perthen Formmeter F2P mit MMQ3

Dimensionelle Messtechnik

  • Auftragsmessungen mit Multisensor-Koordinatenmesssystemen
  • Prüfplanerstellung und Programmierung zum IFF kompatibler Messhardware
  • Erstellung von Prüfkonzepten und Messstrategien
  • Methoden zur Qualitätssicherung in der Fertigung
  • Temperaturklassifizierung von Räumen mittels TEMPAR

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